HCKeto is an exclusive proprietary blend of
Bio-mimetic Lipotropic Metabolizer’s, Amino Acids and Electromagnetic Hormone signals that work with the body’s own hormones and Neurotransmitters to allow rapid weight loss.
Full strength African Mango, Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean Extract with 50% chlorogenic acid, Gymnema Slyvestre Extract (leaf), Pure Saffron Extract and Piper Nigrum in each serving.

I wholeheartedly understand and realize that I am not the first person to run a marathon, and I am not the first person to attempt, nor will I be even close to the fastest person.  However, not many people have run a marathon after being morbidly obese for most of their lives.  Just 13 years ago I weighed 396 pounds, and could never have dreamed up training for something for 6 months and being psychically able to finish such a feat.

Aside from my immediate family members, I have never in my life had two people who believed in my more than the Young’s have.  Before, during, and after my weight loss journey with Xtra Thin, they were a constant motivation, encouragement, and hard love giver.
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